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Buying a home is the biggest financial — and often emotional — investment that most people ever make in their life. So, engaging a realtor who is fully committed to working in the buyer’s best interest is often that buyer’s best asset.

The responsibilities of the buyer’s agent extend far beyond simply finding potential homes that fit the bill in terms of the purchaser’s wants, needs, and budget. They include understanding the nuances of the local real estate market and navigating the legal complexities around buying and selling properties. Taken altogether, these skill sets ensure a smooth and stress-free transaction.

Ellen’s extensive experience in the Kansas City real estate industry makes her expertise invaluable in navigating the homebuying journey. Her dedication to protecting her client’s interests, deep wells of insider knowledge, and keen insights into current market conditions give her clients confidence and peace of mind throughout the entire process.

Ellen will inform you of any upcoming open houses and schedule private showings for you.

Ready To Start Home Shopping?

Ellen starts by gathering and processing her clients’ home preferences. The real estate market is always changing and Ellen can provide you with up-to-date information that will be helpful in finding the best home for you. She also provides her clients with connections to trusted lenders. These financial service professionals provide clarity around obtaining and processing a mortgage while answering any questions to make what can be an intimidating and stressful process much easier.

Ellen’s access to the MLS — or multiple listing service, a database of pertinent information on available homes — allows house shopping to begin immediately. She contacts sellers’ agents to make sure that their homes are ready to show, then arranges viewings that work within everyone’s schedules.

Found: A Potential Home!

Once her buyer has found the perfect home, Ellen and her expertise is crucial in making the right next move.

Now is the time for her to gather pertinent information on the property, such as tax records, permits, and other details that are key to setting the purchase price, such as comparable sales, how many days on the market, original purchase price, and more. Ellen collects all this data on the property and the neighborhood and, working within the buyer’s financial parameters, uses it to determine a fair and solid offer.

This process includes making sure that her client thoroughly understands the procedures, the current market, and common contingencies. She presents any questions asked about the home to the seller’s agent, assesses the answers, and, with an offer prepared, delivers it promptly to the seller.

Ellen has a guy for everything! When it comes to anything relating to sewer lines, Ellen always recommends The Sewer Doctors!

Offer Accepted!

Ellen’s network of reputable inspectors ensures that the client learns as much as possible about the physical property, which is extremely helpful when it comes to negotiations. For example, when a client is interested in an older home, Ellen insists on a sewer line inspection. Most realtors skip this to save costs, but her experience with older homes has taught her that they are much more susceptible to sewer issues. A serious sewer line problem can incur repair bills as high as $20,000! Ellen’s years of insights into the importance of seemingly insignificant and last-minute details are key to finding homes that are truly the best fit for every client and their family.

Inspector selected, Ellen assists with scheduling the inspection and attends it to make sure it runs smoothly. Once complete, she closely examines the reports for any details that may help negotiations around repairs, updates, reinspection, or price reductions. Similarly, if contractors are necessary, Ellen finds the right one for the job, all the while monitoring the loan process, attending the appraisal, and providing any information needed by any of the professionals involved in the home-buying process.

Ellen’s participation in these last stages is critical. She will spot potential red flags in the seller’s disclosures, as well as analyze the preliminary title report, which can reveal details about the property, such as restrictions or unpaid taxes. Ellen also assists with setting up escrow accounts and delivering all documentation between parties. She will coordinate and attend any meetings that require the buyer’s signature and thoroughly review closing documents for accuracy. From beginning to end she is there to answer any questions, provide clarification, and get the client moved and settled in their new home.

Every home-buying experience has its quirks, but the attention to detail and personalized care Ellen provides her clients remain the same. Working with Ellen to buy a home helps ensure an experience that is as free of stress as possible — and even pretty fun!

Start looking for your next home with Ellen. Give her a call at (816) 489-6950 or click here to send her a message online!