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In the 2020 world, many of the benefits and amenities promoted by high-end apartments to recruit new tenants are often unreliable and definitely restricted. For example, maybe you’re paying for a swimming pool, but it’s now closed or has restricted access – or you’re too busy to use it. The community workout center is closed – or in need of deep, deep cleaning. Not to mention narrow hallways, tight elevators, and the general lack of personal space all around. It can all be, well, claustrophobic. 

Quiz Time:

  • Have you caught yourself daydreaming of painting walls and a home decorated to your own tastes?
  • Have you wondered what it would be like to not hear your neighbors on the other side of the wall night after night?
  • Have you been thinking about planting a backyard garden with your own flowers and vegetables?
  • Does your present (or future!) pet have space to play outside?

If answers to the above lean toward a resounding “yes” – maybe it’s time to think about a home that’s all your own! But how does one even get started? Good news: your personal real estate advocate, Ellen Zetmeir, is here to make those dreams come true by making your real estate experience easy!

If buying a house has always been a “someday” sort of notion – or owning a house seems like a thing that might be too expensive, it might be time to reconsider. In fact, with rising market values in Kansas City, it’s almost always cheaper to purchase your home now rather than later!

Unsure? Then look to Ellen to make it easy! She has all the insider tips to help you find, buy, and make the most of your home buying experience. But first, let’s weigh some benefits! 

Benefits of Buying a House Now:

  • Work from Home – not from the couch. Working from home when home is an apartment is… difficult. What began as a temporary situation has turned into something a little more long-term – and, apartments are not known for generous extra space to convert into an office. When you own a home there is the luxury of space: space for an office, for video conferences, spreading out a project – and, a space that allows you to shut the door when the workday is done!
  • Host Small Social-Distancing House Parties. In 2020, it seems most every event or gathering has been cancelled. When you own a home, you can host your own small, safe and private events in the comfort of your own home. Enjoy the company of a couple of friends hanging out on your own back deck. Maybe you can install a firepit: After all, it’s your house!
  • Room to Roam: The backyard is an amazing home feature – not just for people but for pets! Many who purchased or adopted dogs over quarantine are realizing just how important it is to get outside! There’s no better way to make sure you and your pup get plenty of fresh air – when you have your own backyard! And, if a day comes where you’re swamped with work and your pup needs a nature break out – there’s no more leashing-it down long apartment stairs out onto vast concrete walks to let your pup do their stuff! When nature calls, open the back door – and nature magically appears!  
  • Affordable: Buying your own home is actually more affordable than you think. Your monthly rent becomes your monthly mortgage. That monthly check now goes toward your home equity (not your landlord’s investments)! Did you cancel vacations this year because of unsafe travel? Welcome to your down payment!
  • Calculate It: To see how your own finances align with affording a home, check out this helpful home affordability calculator!
  • Low Interest = Good Timing! Current mortgage interest rates are quite low making your payments lower than usual. What’s more mortgage interest on your home can often be deducted from your taxes. And, over time, buying a home has a great positive impact toward your credit score!

Ready to better understand what owning a home looks like? Ellen can’t wait to show you just how affordable and easy buying your own home can be! Contact her today with any questions – she’s always delighted to be a part of making home-owning dreams come true!