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We are back with an update on Ellen’s beautiful Brookside exterior home renovation. This transformation has been in the works all summer, and another milestone has been reached! Let’s take a quick look at the previous work done for this home. When it comes to refreshing the outside of your home, the paint is only one step of the process.

Soffit Replacement

The exterior home renovation began with inspection! First, the house needed to be carefully checked for any damages that had gone unnoticed. This is an especially important step for older homes. Catching signs of damage, deterioration, or rot before it reaches a critical stage will save you stress – and a lot of money!

Ellen and her team discovered wood rot had begun to spread throughout the home’s soffit. This may have continued to worsen over time if Ellen hadn’t decided to repaint her home. You can read more about the beginning of this project here.

Stucco Repair

Up next in Ellen’s exterior home renovation project, it was time to make any necessary repairs and to begin prepping the home for painting. Along with replacing the damaged soffit, Ellen tackled another major aspect in need of attention: the stucco siding.

Ellen’s home has a splendid stucco façade, but cracks were beginning to form. Left untreated, these cracks allow moisture to get inside the home; this eventually leads to mold and wood rot. So before any priming or painting began, Ellen had stucco professionals repair and seal the cracks.

After the stucco was taken care of, it was time to prepare the home for the paint. Windows and door were taped off, and downspouts were removed from the home. All the details for these steps can be found in House Painting Part 2 – Stucco Repair Before Paint.

Notable Paint Selection

No exterior home renovation would be complete without a new look. Ellen decided to paint her home a dark blue-gray shade “Deep Space” with subtle, “Neutral Ground” trim, resulting in a gracefully bold combination. It looks refreshed and contemporary with its crisp details and bold lines. Ellen is very intentional with her paint choices! Ten years ago when she replaced her windows, she chose dark brown Pella Architect window frames fully intending to redo her home’s exterior down the road. Today, seeing the window frames and paint choices come together is rewarding and satisfying.

Her bright red “Cherry Cobbler” door is another perfectly chosen color. Its warm and welcoming tones fit perfectly with the cool-toned paint color used on the rest of the home. She even followed a traditional Southern trend by adding a “haint blue” ceiling to her porch. If you unfamiliar with this tradition, check out our post all about it here.

Exterior Home Renovation Almost Finished!

The exterior of her home now has the beautiful face-lift she desired for it, while also receiving vital maintenance work that has helped restore its structural integrity. See the gallery below for the before and after repair+painting pictures!

The next step of this project will be an upgrade to the landscaping around her home. This will be taking place this upcoming spring, so make sure to check back and see how it goes![/vc_column_text]