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What’s Your Level of Storm Preparedness? Ellen Is Ready!

A former Girl Scout and an active member in the community, Ellen Zetmeir is prepared for just about anything.

This feisty realtor keeps an emergency-ready bag in her home – and another one in the trunk of her car. She helps homeowners know how to prevent maintenance issues. Plus, she has a handy list of trusted, affordable contractors to call should the need arise. Ellen is definitely a homeowning and real estate expert, but her readiness for anything stems from her years as a Girl Scout! Read more about how this one-of-a-kind experience changed Ellen for the better here! 

A Midwesterner to the core, Ellen is familiar with severe summer storms and the damage they can cause. With the start of heavy rains and dangerous winds this season, Girl Scout Ellen wants to make sure her friends and neighbors have everything they’ll need to in the case of an emergency.

The Tornado Sirens Go Off…Now What?

Do you have the basics ready? Here’s a quick list from Ellen! Most of the items can be prepared and stored ahead of time. Ellen recommends keeping at least two versions of a bag with nonperishable items and a first aid kit – one kit goes in your basement, the other in your car trunk.

Emergency Checklist:

  • Phone charger and a (charged) portable power bank.
  • First Aid Kit
  • A radio on a battery.
  • A wind-up flashlight if possible. Otherwise a flashlight with extra batteries.
  • Several days worth of medication – If you are on any prescriptions, then make sure you have extra tucked (safely!!) away for emergencies.
  • Water
  • Girl Scout Cookies and other long-lasting at room temperature snacks.
  • Get dressed. No matter what you sleep in, Ellen says it’s urgent to put on clothes and protective shoes before you head down to the basement. If you have to walk through broken glass or storm damage debris, you want to be as protected and ready as possible. If you’re worried about getting to the basement in time when the sirens go off, consider keeping extra changes of clothes and protective shoes down there so you can change if necessary.
  • Take your purse with ID. Personal documents can be horribly hard to replace. Car insurance, your driver’s license, your medical insurance card, and many other personal items are often kept in a purse. So, grab that bag on your way down the basement steps.
  • Sign up for local emergency alerts and weather announcements. For her local Kansas City folks, Ellen recommends downloading the AlertKC app.

Ready, Set, Go!

Hopefully you won’t ever need to crack open that first aid kit or face any home damage. However, should storms become threatening and you need to shelter in your basement for a little while, being prepared can help keep you calm and safe, ready for any situation.

Need more Kansas girl tips from your favorite local Girl Scout?

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