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What’s fact, what’s myth when it comes to refinancing your mortgage loan?

Ellen’s back with more mortgage tips for your homeowning journey! Learn all about when to refinance your mortgage loan with special insight from her go-to mortgage guy, Andy Nolte.

Some homeowners may think refinancing a mortgage after only a year or two is too soon. Expert Andy Nolte disagrees. In fact, Ellen’s professional financial advisor says the sooner you refinance, the better! The earlier you implement cost savings, the more savings you’ll see!

In this quick video, Andy Nolte walks homeowners through the basics of refinancing and how to increase savings by refinancing sooner. But this quick lesson on refinancing your mortgage isn’t only for new homeowners!

It’s equally essential to understand when not to refinance your mortgage. If you don’t plan to stay in the house for more than 2-3 years, for example, Nolte recommends not refinancing. Another reason to not refinance your mortgage would be if you anticipate income loss.

Watch the educational video on refinancing now!

Feeling a bit overwhelmed?

Ellen can help! You should never be afraid to ask questions about your mortgage or financing. Wherever you find yourself in your homeowning journey, you should know your financial options.

Give Ellen a call today – if she doesn’t have the answer for you, she’ll send you to her experienced financial advisor Andy Nolte to walk through each step with you!